Saturday, May 30, 2009

*Warning, might be offensive to some*

OK, I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally got the guts to do it, after I read in a magazine about a women wanting to do the same thing.

If you can't tell by my picture, I'm actually wearing my Rosary beads as a necklace. In my religion your not suppose to wear your prayer beads as jewelry (big no, no) but I truly love my beads, they were blessed the day I got married and have been sitting in my jewelry collection for over 6 years. They are so pretty that I have been tempted many times to wear them.

So I finally did it and honestly I don't regret it. They should be shown because I love it.
Again, sorry if this offends you, but to each its own.

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking :-)

Shoes-Nine West (Remix)
tank-Banana Republic
Sweater- L.A.M.B
jeans-Gap (Remix)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today & Tomorrow

I'm on a business trip today and tomorrow so you will see 2 outfits in this post. The brown/teal/white is what I'm wearing today...interesting enough I wore similar colors last time I was on a business trip and the yellow I packed for tomorrow.

Funny thing, the yellow jacket looks very ill fitting in the picture, when I put it on this morning, yes it was big but I didn't realize it looked this bad and sadly I can't do anything about it because I'm not home. I'm unable to wear the tank alone since I didn't bring the right bra and now that I keep staring at this picture I'm doubting the color scheme. Its way to yellow than I expected.
o'well life!
What do you think? Should I take the jacket to the tailor to get it cinched? or is it me being insecure and it doesn't look so bad? I can take it, I have very thick skin ( I'm in sales) so if you tell me the truth it won't bother me :-)
Shoes-Paolo (remix)
trousers-Banana Republic
tank-Banana Republic
blouse-Armani Exchange
jacket-Banana Republic
Shoes-Nine West
trousers-Joseph A. (remix)
Jacket-Old Navy

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things A Boutique Owner Sees: Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

Things A Boutique Owner Sees: Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway

I just had to post this give away :) What pretty necklace!

Size doesn't matter

I was trying to clean out my closet this past weekend and came across a bunch of clothes that were big (and tight) on me. I use to be a lot bigger and thinner (depending on the year) but I kept some of the items that I truly loved, even though they didn't fit me.

So on Saturday I took all my big clothes to the tailor and had them tapered/custom fit me. I pick those up next Saturday and I am truly excited. I use to care about the number on the label, now all I care about is how they fit.

Now for my thinner clothes-I bit the bullet and put them all in a bag and plan to give them to the thrift store. It was really taking a lot of space in my closet and the truth is, as much as I loved that dress, shirt or jacket, there is no way I'm going to fit into them any time soon.
I'm happy with my size and I've learned how to dress it.

Oh and during my cleaning spree, I found the remote for the camera, but I need to put a battery in it, so hopefully soon I won't be standing in front of the mirror anymore :-)

Cream Skirt-Calvin Klein
silk ruffle tank-Old Navy
green tweed jacket-Ann Taylor Loft

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial day weekend!


Please know that my dress is not stain and/or faded, I didn't realize the mirror was dirty until I started loading the pictures and by that time I had already changed.

I ordered this dress on line from Target and I didn't like it at first, I admit I do not return anything, so it either gets donated or gifted. I decided to try it on and it wasn't as bad as I thought, however the zipper was broken, so I took it to my local dry cleaner to put on a new zipper.

Overall I do like the dress and let me tell you why--I have a very long torso, that said this dress cuts my waste in 1/2 (literally), so this dress makes my legs seem longer. I was also pleasantly surprised that this dress has pockets, plus I tried on some shoes and I was happy with the fact that I can dress this up or down and because it was Friday I dressed it down.

Hope you all have a great weekend! OK, I'll stop rambling now...Thanks for stopping by.

Dress-Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Shoes-Via Spiga
flower ring-leather

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy day!

Because yesterday I felt like blah, I wanted something to make me happy and I don't know what it is about this skirt, but every time I see it--I smile :-)

Its a full cotton A line skirt, with detailing stitching, flat panels, cotton lining and the color is so vibrant it just makes me happy.

I also realize that in all my photo's I look so serious or even mad, but I am really a happy person :-) I'm just concentrating very hard trying to take a good picture.

shoes-Franco Sarto
blouse-Old Navy
Earrings-Mother of pearl hoop
skirt-Focus=2000 (remix)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LaToya's Look Book Giveaway....

If you haven't done so yet, check out my girl's LaToya's blog not only is she doing a giveaway but she is a big inspiration if you want your body to get in its best possible shape.

She is the one that is putting muscle into sexy--oh and the girl can dress too!

Any hoot, she is doing a giveaway, some really nice stuff so check it out.

Blah, blah, blah blah blah

Not sure why, but this is how I felt today. I wish I paired the skirt up with a brighter color or even a jacket/blazer, but it was to hot for a jacket and I thought the peach would 'go' because of the tones. I pretty much blended in with the background. I know it might not look so bad in pictures but with my dark olive skin tone, the peach just washes me out.

I need jewel or bright color clothes next to my face, that or I just needed to be in a better mood. I love the skirt by the way, so I plan to remix it soon. The skirt was given to me by my neighbor, she came over with a bag of clothes that is now to big on her but fits me just fine. So I'm excited to wear some of the pieces she has given me. I love my neighbors :-)

Skirt-Banana Republic
Blouse-Old Navy
Shoes-Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black, White and red all over

Today I dressed myself around my red watch. It was sent out for repair because foolish me dropped it on the floor and broke the cover. So when I got it back yesterday, I was extremely excited and I wanted to wear it today.

Also in honor of my husband (yesterday's post) I wore a pair of shoes that I have worn before (Gasp!) LOL

Shirt-Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt & belt-Calvin Klein
Shoes-Enzo Angiolini (remix)
necklace-red coral

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who wears short, shorts?

Well not so short, but I'm very grateful I did. I rode around today in 103 degree weather and it was bloody hot. My poor little car worked hard today as the air conditioner was on full blast.

All last year I wore these flats to death. These are by far my favorite shoes and even though they are kind of old looking now, they are truly my favorite. Speaking of shoes, my husband was curious about my blog the other day and noticed I didn't repeat one single shoe so far. I had to correct him and say I did wear 1 pair twice and he just shook his head and walked away.

I guess when I have 60 posts and only been able to repeat one pair of shoes so far, he is finally realizing or at least many do I really own? Unfortunately he will never know.

shorts-Charter Club
blouse-Ann Taylor Loft

Friday, May 15, 2009

$20 challenge

OK, this is my attempt at the $20 challenge Thank goodness for gifts because I don't think I could have done it otherwise. I wasn't to happy with my choice, I think it was the shoes. I wanted to go for a monochromatic look and I just think it came out like I picked the shoes in the dark and didn't realize they were not the same color.

Skirt-Roxy (gift from niece because she gained weight)
Jacket-Just USA Jeans (gift from neighbor because she lost weight, she is now an extra small) *remixed*
earrings-Sterling silver (gift from mom on her trip to Mexico)
Shoes-gap (thrift paid $8.oo)
white shirt-WD*NY (Ross clearance paid 7.00)

Happy Friday all, if your not on my reader list, please leave your link so I may start reading/following. Thanks!

Also, here is a fun link if anybody wants to see Today's Show ambush Makeover


Going through my e-mails I found this list from back in 2006--I need to check if I still have all the basics - LOL



* Little black dress that isn't too revealing
* Sexy gown or cocktail dress

Jumpers & Tops

* Long sleeve turtleneck, crew or v neck
* Lightweight cardigan
* Two cotton shirts in white
* Fine gauge t shirts (white, black, grey)
* Satin tank

* Black straight leg or boot cut in a fabric that goes from day to evening
* Flat front trousers in a daytime fabric (flannel, stretch or lightweight wool)


* Classic boot cut or straight leg


* 1 - 2 skirts for day in a shape that flatters your figure (either A Line, Inverted or Kick-Pleat)


* One jacket to match one skirt
* One jacket that will work with other skirts and pants
(Shapes / Styles for jackets include one or two button blazer; double breasted fitted blazer or cardigan style jacket)


* Classic knee length or longer coat in a solid neutral or texture, such as tweed
* Weekend casual jacket such as a bomber, denim or pea coat
* Down parker
* Raincoat (trench or similar style)
* Evening coat in black cashmere, crepe or satin
* Cashmere or velvet wrap


* Daytime pumps, slingbacks or t-straps
* Stylish sneakers
* Workout shoes
* Dressy flats (ballet or loafer)
* To the knee boots (leather or suede, in black, brown or tan, with a heel)
* Comfortable weekend shoes or boots
* Close toe black evening shoes
* Strappy evening sandals


* Unstructured shoulder bag
* Roomy tote
* Structured handbag
* Evening bag (black or colour)


Each season, you will need to update your wardrobe basics with a few updated styles, shapes etc. InStyle suggests the following for the next Australian season.... it'll give you an idea, anyway....

Sweaters and Tops

* Chunky knit cardigan
* Embellished cardigan
* Print blouse
* Colourful camisole or shell

Jackets and Coats

* Belted, fitted single breasted jacket
* Jacket in velvet, brocade or faux fur
* Embellished evening coat
* Knitted poncho or caplet


* Full, pleated or trumpet skirt
* Pencil Skirt


* High waisted trousers
* Cigarette leg pants
* Cropped pants


* Print bag or shoes
* Coloured bag or shoes
* Jewelled brooch
* Faux fur muffler
* Shoulder chain bag
* High heeled ankle boots
* Round toe pumps


* Anything in tartan or animal print


Of course, it is important to note that both the basics and updates must fit in with your lifestyle.... enjoy

Thursday, May 14, 2009

thoughts on blogging

What I love about blogging is that if one day I decide to go visit a certain city, state or town there is a slim chance by looking at your outfits everyday, I might recognize you.

Today I worked a trade show, and I love to people watch. I always look at someones outfit and wonder how I can improve it. I also wish sometimes I can help them, because even though I may be an average fashionista (or trying to be stylish) some people just need help.

I also wish that sometimes that some of the fashionista's that I follow via blogging live next to me to A) help me and B) share/swap clothes. It would be fun to be neighbors and reinvent what we already have. Just my thoughts for the day :-)

Long sleeve blouse-apt.9 ( I fell in love with the bow, I feel like a present!)
cream brown pin stripe blazer-NY&CO
pants- Ann Taylor Loft (remix)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am linking :-)

I finally figured out how to link stuff, its super easy once you have it down, but I'm not really computer savvy and I tend to get a little timid when it comes to exploring new stuff. Now I feel like a little kid in a candy store and want to start linking everything :-)

I wore something similar a while back but in green, and I think I like this look better. The beauty about my job is that I rarely see the same people twice, so wearing something similar is fine by me.

I also met another sales women during lunch and she has become my new friend. She sells Daisy Sour Cream to your local supermarket. I love meeting new people especially when its unexpected!

Jersey Skirt-Ann Taylor Loft
T-Shirt-Banana Republic
Vest-Utility (remix)

Put your hand in the air!

I'm putting my hands up in the air for joy because I just received my very first award!!!! I'm really honored and excited.

So thank you Charlotte Sometimes from Wardrobe Adventures and Life as I know it for this lovely award :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

simple and stuffed

Nothing special today, mainly because my husband is still sick. He was diagnosed with Gout and I have been trying to nurse him back to health, so its been a little tough for me to get creative with my outfits. Unfortunately when I'm stressed I tend to eat A LOT! Let's just say I made a stop at both Wienerschnitzel and Panda Express and that was just for lunch...oh and did I mention I just had dinner too! I need to go to the gym now.

tie blouse-Merona
pleated skirt-Calvin Klein (remix)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Shoes-Steve Madden
lace tank-Merona
leather belt-Thrifted

My husband got really sick over the weekend so I haven't had time to catch up on my reader and/or post until now. Hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend and I hope all the Mother's had a great time on Sunday.

I have 3 jackets that I'm going to have tailored this weekend. I bought them a size larger because it was the only size they had and I'm hoping with a little nip and tuck, they will fit me like a glove. Also, I really want to do a contest of some kind (not sure what yet) but I will have stay tuned :-)

Friday May 8th 2009

Shoes-Steve Madden
Shirt-Banana Republic
Jeans-Gap (remix)
Vest-Old Navy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

wish I was home

I miss my hubby, but I'm very excited to see him tonight :-) These are by far the worst pictures I have ever taken, because I actually look pretty good and these photo's do not do me justice. I know if I saw myself across the street I would be asking myself out-ha ha ha ha. Maybe I'll do a re-do when I get home.
teal blouse-Ann Taylor
pants-Ann Taylor Loft (remix)
jacket-Old Navy
Shoes-Liz Claiborne Flex (best comfy shoes I own)
I have a question, What is the difference between Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft? I really don't see the difference, will someone tell me please. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can you hear the dogs bark.

Boy, were these the worst shoes to wear all day, by the time 12pm hit my feet were killing me and I still had to walk 3 hallways worth of exhibits. I really wanted to cry and take off my shoes but obviously I wasn't going to do that in front of my customers.

I really do like the shoes and I will wear them again but only if I'm going to sit somewhere like a restaurant. Walking shoes these are not! Also, this suit was purchased at old Navy, but I bought the jacket over a year ago and just last week I just happen to find the skirt. I didn't realize the blazer came with a skirt and/or pant since I bought it on sale last year. I was so excited to find out it was a suit and I immediately bought the skirt. Its a pinstripe suit and it was perfect for a business trade show that was some what casual at the same time.

Shoes--Nine West (my favorite brand of all time)
Suit-Old Navy (blazer remix)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From day to night

My normal routine is to come home and change into my PJ's. Sometimes I feel bad because my hubby pretty much only sees me in PJ's since he comes home after I do. Today I'm in San Diego so I am unable to just change into my PJ's since I still have to go get myself something to eat.
So here is what I'm wearing.
Shoes-Franco Sarto
window pane trousers-Joseph A.
silk tank-Old Navy
corduroy blazer-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)
jeans-Banana Republic (remix)
blouse-Banana Republic.
I'm watching CNN/Larry King and Mia Farrow is on her 2nd week of a hunger strike for Darfur and the LA Dodgers are going for their 12th win in a row. Wow, lot of things going on in the world. I love the news.

Monday, May 4, 2009

black, white & green

I'm going to San Diego for 3 days starting tomorrow. I will try to post my daily outfits. I feel like this outfit should be more for evening, then for work, but I'm already late as usual so this is what I'm going with.

Happy Monday all,

Shoes-Newport News
Sweater-White House/Black Market *remix*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Come and look at my mess

I haven't had time to 'clean' my closet because April, May & Dec. are the worst months for me. These months is where all my family/friends birthdays, holidays, and events happen. I basically bit the bullet and decided to take pictures as is. So excuse the mess but wanted to let you know what my closet looks like.

I keep all my jewelry in boxes or bags, if you see anything 'out' its because I recently wore them and haven't had the time to put them in their proper box/bag yet. All my make-up is in that black/steel case you see next to my dresses. Also, most of my purses/bags are in dust bags. Behind the door are beach bags and backpacks (unseen). I also realized I forgot to take pictures of where I keep my flats, flip flops and running shoes.

This weekend we had my hubby's friends over so I didn't have time to take pictures, we had tons of fun and I'm happy to include them in my circle of friends.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you guys had a fab weekend! Cheers~