Saturday, June 27, 2009

a girl loves her flowers

I bought a flower print farmer shirt at Old Navy a while back and I really didn't like the fit, so when I saw this tie blouse at Target I was in heaven. So of course I wanted to wear it.

Shoes-Tory Burch
jeans-Style & Co (remix)
blouse-Merona Collection
cardigan-Merona (remix)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things A Boutique Owner Sees: Thank you!

I recently won a necklace from things a boutique owner sees (check out her blog) and I just got it yesterday, so of course I had to dress around my new necklace today. This outfit was inspired by the necklace...I think it leans more towards the safari style...but I was happy with it.

The pants are white with a brown pinstripe on them, its part of a suit and I've had the suit for a very long time, I've just been to scared to wear white pants, not sure what brought me to wear them today, but here they are.

shirt-Ann Taylor
linen jacket-Le Suit (remix)
pumps-Mossimo (remix)
belt-Banana Republic
necklace-contest winner from Things a boutique owner sees

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

and the dress saga continues...

I'm trying very hard to find dresses that fit me well and these two are not doing me any justice. I look like a box! I think if I added a structural jacket to them, it should be more figure flattering, but again, I'm on a business trip and there is nothing I can do since this is what I am wearing.
Today is the solid blue dress and tomorrow is the print dress.
I'm also on my 98th post, so please, please stay tuned for my contest! I'll post pictures of the prize soon.
Thanks again for stopping by :-)
for both days--
dresses--Isaac Mizrahi for Target
tanks-Isaac Mizrahi for Target
pumps-Mossimo (remix)

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 in 1

Tomorrow I go on another business trip, so I'll be taking two pictures again for my next post.
Today is the picture of what I wore Friday and Sunday for Father's day.

Friday-(red, black, blue)
Tunic-Mossimo came with belt
Shoes-Chadwicks (remix)

Sunday-(pink & blue)
Jeans-NY&Co (remix)
flats-Nine West

I do have to admit how much I LOVE Target. I can always find something that fits me, and most of its garments are made with natural fibers. I sort of wish I had a Wal-mart, Kmart next to me so I can compare them to Target. I've only gone 3 times in my life to Wal-mart and it was for work. Kmart I haven't gone since I was in Jr. High. I'm sure these two stores have changed, and have great stuff too, but having a Target so close its not only convenient but since I've been finding everything I need, I do not feel the need to change.

Cheers :-)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I always had a hard time finding something to wear with these pink shoes. For the longest time I was really pondering on giving them away, because I've had them for so long and I have yet to worn them. I think I did good putting this outfit together based on the shoes? not sure, maybe they are just a little to pink for me...

oh and my inspiration for the contest came from both my husband and Lydia from FashionPhilosofy

My husband is always saying: Why do women need so many shoes? can't you just be happy with a good pair of shoes?

and Lydia's post--about if I only had one pair of shoes, these would be it post, gave me the idea or at least experiment if we can really live with one pair of shoes. Obviously I don't expect anybody to wear the same pair of shoes every day, but if you can or at least try (it will be done by a point system) the more points or wear you have, the better the chances you win.

Will post more later...thanks for stopping by :-)

jacket-Merona Collection
sleeveless blouse-Old Navy
skirt-Banana Republic

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Some of you asked if my shoes were comfy on my last post and yes they are! considering they are 6" tall :-) I'm also a big believer in Dr. Scholls or just plain insole padding. I buy tons and tons of them and put them in almost every shoe. Sometimes they work like magic, sometimes when I'm on my feet all day like a trade show, the magic wears off. Either way, I really do love my shoes :-)

Speaking of shoes, today is my 95th post, so as I mentioned I plan to do a contest starting on my 100th post, but let me give you an idea of what the contest will be about.

You will need to pick 1 pair of shoes and try to wear the same pair to as many outfits as you can for the month of July. I will be giving away a goody bag --in this bag it will have two scarfs, 1 necklace (maybe two) and a bunch of things, that I will take a picture of and blog on my 100th post.

Hopefully you won't be disappointed, but I'm giving you notice to see if this is something you want to do. I'll explain more later.

Shoes-nine west
jacket-Merona collection
t-shirt-Mossimo (remix)
skirt-erik stewart (remix)
necklace-Dean Harris by Target

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday's blues....

No, I'm not sad--LOL--Just wanted to wear the same dress I wore on Sunday but in blue. I have to admit, once you find a good dress that fits you quite well, its hard to resist wearing it again.

Is it Friday yet?

Shoes-Steve Madden

Monday, June 15, 2009

thought to ponder

I'm always amazed about how you can really find nice things at a thrift store. This skirt and blouse combo was both found at a thrift store. Why would someone give away these beautiful things? there are no stains, tears nor anything ugly about these two pieces of clothing and I always ponder why the owners gave it up.

I guess if someone lost or gained weight and/or they're just plain tired of them already, but I always still wonder why someone would give nice things away? I'm not complaining since I'm reaping the rewards :-) just wondering.

blouse-Banana Republic
skirt-Thorn by Nancy Rose

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday's best!

Found this dress at Target for $14.98 (clearance) and I thought it looked so well on me I went back to purchase the exact same dress but in blue. I have no problem buying multiples (especially on sale) but next time I'll try to add a belt or even a jacket to see if I'm able to change the look.

Sweater Dress-Mossimo
ballet flats-Chanel

Hoping your having a fantastic weekend :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The "jacket"

I know I said I was going to wear a dress today, but my mom called and she asked me "to please not dress up!" obviously I do not come from a family that puts fashion first, so according to my mom I needed to dress 'down' today.

While pondering 'what to wear' I wanted to try out this jacket again. The last time I wore it, I felt very odd and it looked ill fitting on me, after a quick nip/tuck at the tailors I feel more satisfied, the color of the jacket is way to strong, but I felt like a peacock today and went with the flow.

Jacket-Old Navy (remix with a twist)
shoes-Bitten by SJP (remix)


Hello again,

This was Friday's outfit, sorry for the late entry, but trying to find a place to live has consumed my life for now. Hopefully we'll find something soon and things will go back to normal. For Friday's I usually wear some sort of denim to work, but I wanted to try out this dress I've had for a while.

Dresses and I don't get a long very well, however its kind of ironic that lately I've only been wearing dresses. I'm on this dress 'kick' and trying on different dresses to figure out what suits my body shape. I like how this dress looks on me with a cardigan, but without one I'm a mess. I have this new rule that if I can't wear the dress by itself, then it is not going to be a keeper. I need variety (the spice of life*) and if I can't wear a dress without covering up then its not the dress for me :-(

I'm planning to wear another dress this afternoon, wish me luck :-)

Dress-Old Navy
Shoes-nine west
cardigan-Black Market & White House (remix)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Business trip

I really do love going on business trips, my favorite part is the Hotels--knowing I don't have to cook or clean is so wonderful to me, plus I can eat whatever I want, which is really nice :-)
For both days I'm doing blue/brown combo (for some reason, this happens to be my signature colors when I go on business trips) The first outfit is what I wore today, the second outfit is what I'm wearing tomorrow.
My outfit today both the blouse and the skirt have been at the tailors. The skirt had a slit so high I was afraid my who-ha was going to show if I made the wrong move and the blouse was one of my spring cleanings that fit big on me. I was in love with the blouse so much I refused to give it away even though it draped on me. I am extremely happy with both articles of clothing that I plan to send the tailor a Christmas gift or at least a thank you note :-) I'm still not sure about the pockets of the skirt, but for now I am happy with it.
Blouse-Ann Taylor loft (4 yrs ago)
Skirt-Ann Taylor *remix with a twist
Shoes: Mossimo (remix)
Jacket-Banana Republic
Skirt-Calvin Klein (remix)
Shoes-Franco Sarto (remix)

Forget me not.

I'm going on an overnight business trip today (again) you would think this would be easy for me considering I practically only own business attire, however I'm a very forgetful person.
I literally go back and forth between the car/house before I can officially say 'I left the house'-- by the time I start up my engine, I will remember my glasses and then I put my seat belt on and then I'll remember my jacket and so on.

I always forget something when I'm on my business trips and there is nothing I can do because I am not home. Last time I was on a business trip I hated the clothes that I took with me and of course I couldn't change and had to live with my choice. Crossing my fingers I'll have a better experience this time.

See you soon and I'm on my 88 post today, I will be doing a contest on my 100th post so stay tuned :-)

Shoes-BCBG Maxazria
pinstripe A-line skirt-Merona
Jacket-Calvin Klein

Friday, June 5, 2009

skinny enough for you?


Thank you for stopping by my blog again. I am so behind on my reader, that hopefully this weekend I can catch up to all of your styles and enjoy a nice cold beverage while I read about your day and fashion.

I don't have the body for skinny jeans, so this is as close as I can get to that look, I'm thinking maybe with boots and the jeans tucked in would be more flattering?

Also, my world has been turned upside down. I just found out we have to move in 2 months. In other words, I have to start packing up my closet :-( but I'm not going to try to let this get me down, I will do my best to dress myself well everyday :-)

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and I'll be stopping by your blog soon :-)

Jacket-Old Navy
t-shirt-Alexander McQueen for Target
scarf-Mossimo Supply
Jeans-Lee Riders

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wish I took a picture.

Today we received rain, and as you can see by my picture I was not prepare for it. I need to remember to bring a jacket, scarf and umbrella and leave it in the car in case of emergencies like this. :-)

This was another dress I had altered at the tailors. I wish I took a picture of the original dress but the length was down to my calves and had cap sleeves. I had it shorten to the knee and took off the cap sleeves and now this dress is so much for flattering to me then when I originally purchased it online at Target.

I think I'm addicted to the tailor, I have been going there every Saturday now for a month.

Dress-Isaac Mizrahi for Target *altered*
sweater-Banana Republic

Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

from day to night

I had a business dinner tonight, so I needed something that will work for my day job going on customer visits and still be a little dressy for the dinner at night.

Also, I would have never thought I would use these heels as much as I do. I've worn these heels 3 or 4 times now and I'm pretty shocked about that. These shoes were ONLY bought because at the time if you purchased something from Piperlime, you can get free shipping on all your Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic items. I was already ordering some stuff from Old Navy & BR online, so I decided to look and find the cheapest shoes I can find. I bought them for $20 and thought it was a good deal considering the freight would have been that much anyways. So instead of paying freight I got some shoes instead.

Again, I'm surprised of the usage I have been getting on these heels and they have become one of my go to shoes :-)

Shoes-Xilleration (remix)
leggings-Old Navy
Dress -Simply Vera
Jacket- Gap (remix)
earrings-sterling silver studs

Shoes-Predictions (remix)
Dress-Simply Vera
Jacket-Gap (remix)
Jewlery-black onyx & Erickson Beamon for Target, gold earrings