Thursday, July 30, 2009

Same bat channel, same bat time, same bat girl.

I have to admit--dressing this way is far easier than trying to decide what to wear every morning. I'm not very organized, so trying to lay out my clothes for the week or wake up even earlier than I am now is not going to happen (trust me, I tried)

I'm on the look out for more stay tuned :-)

Happy Thursday!!

Skirt-Banana Republic (remix)
jacket-Merona Collection (remix)
earrings-amber (my hubby bought them for me and he calls it my love earrings *heart*)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I want to be like the girl from TV

I was watching a re-run of TLC's What not to Wear and this caught my eye. Mainly because I had the pieces to try to duplicate the look. What do you think? close enough?

Shoes-Anne Klein (remix)
navy slacks- Calvin Klein (remix)
blouse-Merona (remix)
jacket-Black Rivet

my back up shoes.

Even though I own a ton of flats and kitten heels, I usually don't wear them because I prefer my heels, but I normally take a pair with me in my car/bag for 'just in case' (like a shoe breaking, or just needing a break from walking in heels) So I wanted to show you the pair I took with me yesterday.

2-3 years ago I worked a trade show and I saw this beautiful women in a white crisp shirt, black silk slacks and these shoes on her. She truly looked like a business women who was comfortable.
I had to stop her and ask where she got those shoes and she told me Payless.

I couldn't believe it, I was floored. She looked polished and expensive and these shoes where from Payless??? I had to see them for myself, so I went to Payless and they were on cleareance for $14.99; so I grabbed them. This is how my love for Payless started a few years back.

kitten flats-Predictions via Payless
silk blouse-Alyson Taylor
linen Capri's-Scott Taylor
heels-Bandolino (remix)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

one in every color

I have this cotton blouse (its literally like a T-shirt) in 6 different colors. I love to wear it in hot weather, because I'm able to breath and move. There are some things I regret buying and this is certainly not one of them.

Happy Thursday!

Shoes-Fioni (remix)
skirt-Merona (remix)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

shoe inspiration

I decided to use this pallet of colors from my wedge as inspiration. This is very 'out there' for me, but I figure it was a way to spruce up my summer wardrobe.

I also want to give a product review on the scarf I purchased from Target. I purchased the scarf about 2 weeks ago on clearance for $11.00 and I regret it. The Fibers bleed, pill and shed like there was no tomorrow. My poor white waist coat turned orange by the end of the day and every single part of me had some sort of orange fiber. Worst purchase ever, I wish I could return it but I even took off all the law labels. This will be going to Goodwill this weekend!

shoes-Marc Fisher (remix)
Vest-NY&CO (remix)
shorts-Simply Vera by Vera Wang
blouse-Banana Republic
Scarf-one star by Converse

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer not my favorite season

My least favorite season is summer. I'm telling you this because its hard to dress myself when summer is anywhere from 85degrees to 107 degrees. I know I shouldn't be complaining compared to Arizona or somebody who gets constant rain like Seattle, but I'm a real conservative person, so showing skin (especially during work hours) is not something I'm very comfortable with (like showing bare arms for example)

I can't wait until Fall, Winter or even Spring--the weather is much breezy and I love to layer. I have no imagination when it comes to Summer because I unable to jazz up my outfit without feeling sticky or hot which includes jewelry.

I guess I need to put my imagination on overdrive to find the inner summer cuteness in me :-)
wish me luck!

Capri- Banana Republic
scarf-Mossimo Supply
shoes-Isaac Mizrahi for Target

a pair of shoes

Yesterday I worked at a customer's warehouse doing inventory, so I wore a company logo polo shirt, some old jeans (Mossimo light wash) and these shoes from Coach.

I only own 3 pair of athletic shoes (1 pair for running, 1 pair for going out, 1 for anything muddy) and since working in the warehouse didn't fit the bill for any of my pair of athletic wear I chose to wear canvas flats.

I felt these were nice enough to be in front of a customer but usable enough to work in a warehouse.

Talk to you guys soon :-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This was taken after a long day of BBQing with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while. This outfit is nothing special since I thought it was going to be a causal day, but my two lady friends always dress fabulously that I should have known, that I needed to jazz up my outfit a bit.

This first picture is of me and my two lady friends at my birthday party at the beg. of the year. They both have great personal style :-)

jeans-Gap (remix)
blouse-I can't tell if it says ubist or ubt8l (its in weird writing)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Forget me not

I actually forgot to take of picture of me this morning, but when I got to work the branch manager had just received his new camera so I asked him to take a picture of me and personally I think I look terrible, so hopefully (if I remember) I will retake my shots, but I feel embarrased posting this picture, but o'well--its Friday!

Shoes-Steve Madden
blouse-Banana Republic

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I wish I wore

This is what I wore today...BUT this is REALLY what I wanted to wear

It was a good 100 degrees outside in sunny Southern California and wearing a leather waist coat wasn't very practical, but I really like the look and its going to be seen again coming this fall :-)

blouse-Merona Collection
skirt-Banana Republic
Shoes-J Crew & Tahari (both remix)
vest-Wilson Leather
belt-Banana Republic (remix)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

another copied look

This look came from the page of Lucky Magazine. Obviously I'm using what I have, but for the most part I think I did a good job copying the look (even added a blue necklace) just like the mag. I was struggling with the T-Shirt, didn't know if it looked better tucked or untucked, so I chose loosey goosey. What do you think?

T-Shirt-Marc by Marc Jacobs
shoes-Mossimo (remix)
Skirt-Banana Republic (remix)
jacket-Old Navy (remix)
necklace-Lapis (remix)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A/C is my friend :-)

I had an early appointment today that I needed to get out of the house fast, so I opted for a dress.
Of course I should have known better that this was going to be a big mistake--I looked like a huge rectangle. I have no shape to my body, so I have to create one with my clothes, so here I go again by adding a blazer to my assemble.

Never mind the fact that it was a cool 90 degrees outside. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning because I would have suffered in 90 degree weather regardless if my A/C was working or not.
This is how much pain I will suffer for beauty and fashion :-)

dress-Banana Republic
tank-Charlotte Russe
jacket-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

just a babbling boho

I don't think I look so boho chic, maybe with some accessories, but I'm really lazy right now that I don't feel the need to go find a necklace or a bracelet for this outfit. I'm grateful the sandals give the outfit some sort of visual interest, if I decide to go bare.

Sandals-Franco Sarto
skirt-Calypso by Cristine Gelle

I have my bling

I went to work on Friday and that is what one of the girls at work said to me :"She has her bling on" I thought it was cute...I had gold shoes, a gold stripe shirt and gold accessories, so I guess you can say I was very golden.

Unfortunately on my way home, my heel broke (or shall we say I broke my heel) , so today it will be sent to the cobblers for repair. I knew these were going to go out soon (reason why I was looking for new day gold shoes) but if I fix them I'm sure they'll be fine again.

Have a great weekend :-)

Shorts-Ann Taylor
blouse-Express Design Studio
tank-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

short or long?

I really do love this tunic, but since I have been addicted to the tailors lately, I'm tempted to get the blouse shorten so it hits me on my hips instead of mid thigh. I think I can get more use out of this blouse if I do shorten it but I'm hesitant because A) I do like it as is. B) I only own 2 tunics so I will be down to 1 if I shorten it. C) I may regret it.

Only time will tell. Thanks for hearing my ramblings...don't forget to give me a link of your blog so I can check it out. Happy Thursday :-)

Shoes-Michael Kors
Shorts-Charter Club
tank-Merona (remix)
belt-Calvin Klein (remix)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Multi strands of non color.

I've been wanting to wear this necklace for a long time. This necklace was inspired by Tina at T minus, T Plus --I've seen her add leather or cords to her necklaces to make it longer and I simply loved the idea.

On that same note, I thought it would be great to put some of my stone necklaces together (6 total) and I thought it came out great (Thanks Tina!) so what I did was just attached all the clasps together and 'TADA' you got 1 necklace instead of 6.

Blouse-Banana Republic
Pants-Banana Republic
Shoes-New Twist (remix)
knit vest-Max Mara
bracelets-Sterling Silver
necklaces-semi precious stones

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

vest & jeans again--Oh my!

Since I'm moving soon, I'm trying to clean out my closet, this shirt will be donated to my local thrift store (after I wash it, of course) tomorrow. I've had this shirt since 2006 and even though it's in good condition, I don't wear it enough...including today this is the 3rd time I've worn it.

Mainly because I don't know what to pair it with; and all 3 times have been with some sort of tie. Its to long and makes my legs look short, plus I tried skirts, pants (print & khaki) and the only thing I can come up with is jeans. Besides, I'm really not that sad to let it go.

satin belt (worn as a tie)-Merona
Shoes-Chadwicks (remix)
vest-Old Navy (remix)
jeans-Faconnable (remix)