Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I know, I know...WNTW again :)

I bring my visor, golf shoes and all my belongings in this bag to go golfing. I'm so excited because in 2 weeks we're actually going to go on a real golf super excited!!!

The sweater from TLC WNTW is from White House & Black Market a few years back...I was almost going to buy it, but I had already done a big purchase that week and was feeling guilty for spending so much money, so I didn't buy it. I so regret it...I want that sweater really bad, the one I'm wearing is not fitting me quite like I want it to, but since I'm not much of a cardigan fan, I'm OK with the one I own.


Shirt-Merona (remix)
sweater-Liz Claiborne (remix)
pencil skirt-Calvin Klein (remix)
shoes-Nine West (remix)

polo-Burberry London
shoes-Burberry London
skirt-Banana Republic (remix)
Bag-Escada *one of those giveaways when you buy the perfume and lotion set

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

no models here

I can't pose to save my life--I finally have a tripod and these two shots were the best out of the bunch. So pitiful..LOL... lucky for me I never wanted to be a model or an actress when I grew up. I wanted to be a high power business women who wore suits everyday and went to work in a high rise building and used her laptop at coffee shops.

Even though I'm not high power yet, I do use my laptop in coffee shops and I have a nice collection of suits :) so I'm almost there...darn economy, I need it to get better so I can move up that corporate of these days...

Obviously another TLC WNTW moment :)

Jacket-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)
white shirt-Old Navy (remix)
black skirt-Banana Republic (remix)
pumps-Lauren by Ralph Lauren (remix)
earrings-white gold (remix)
file tote bag-Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy *one of my work bags

Monday, September 28, 2009

Picture day!

Another episode of TLC WNTW re-run that I really liked. I've been waiting for fall just to wear this combo, so when I found out it was picture day at work, this was the look I wanted to pull out today--Professional but not to dressy.

I've been on this purse kick, so today I decided to bring out another purse, plus show you my file folder I use to hold my line cards.

trousers-Ann Taylor
blouse-Ann Taylor Loft (remix)
jacket-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)
file folder-Hermes
Earrings/necklace-14K gold w/yellow jade

Saturday, September 26, 2009

coming out of the closet

Another rare occasion I'm able to take out a purse from my closet. This is my resort bag, I only use this purse when I'm staying at hotels, very good travel bag IMO. This was also my very first big purchase (other than my car!) obviously since then, my collection has grown and hopefully I'm able to show you more beautiful things hidden away in my closet soon.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, September 25, 2009

In honor of our anniversary

Since I probably won't post this weekend, I wanted to share some of our pictures of our special day (7 years ago). I am very grateful and in awe, that he belongs to me :)

Dress-Jim Hjelm

7 years and counting....

This weekend is our wedding anniversary and we are planning to go to Hearst Castle tomorrow. We will be married for 7 years but together overall for 12 wonderful amazing years. I can't believe I am more in love with him today than I was 12 years ago. My hubby also bought me a camera with two tripods for my anniversary (however I don't get it until tomorrow) which I'm very excited about because this camera is on its last legs.

I also purchased new golf shoes, and a glove for my golf lessons. Did I mention the golf instructor said I was a natural...ha ha ha ha.. had to laugh.

Till next time...have a fantastic weekend :)

Silk Dress-Banana Republic
brown pattern tights-Merona Collection
boots-Sporto (remix) I love these boots!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just like butter.

After having the terrible week that I did (see last two previous post) this was the light at the end of the tunnel. Obviously since I had no choice but to shop and go to Ross I couldn't just shop for work clothes...I had to 'look around' and found these amazing, wonderful, unforgettable boots. I've got a high arch so flat shoes (flats, thongs, etc..) hurt my feet after a while, but the leather on these boots feel like butter and when I tried them on, not only did they fit my calves (something I always have trouble with) but they felt like I was walking on short, I fell in love.

I also found this great plaid shirt, because my body is a rectangular shape or like Trinny & Suzzanna would say "your shaped like a brick" plaid shirts in general tend to give me more of a boyish shape, but when I found this poof sleeves, embroidered scoop/v-neck shape blouse, I was so happy I was able to do the trend.

I am so in love with these boots I'm going to wear them again tomorrow. Every year I seem to have an 'it' item and this is it. I heart these boots, and I feel like a little kid and never want to take them off, --"mom, can I sleep with them on?...please...."

jeans-Riders (remix)
tank-Hanes (remix)
shirt-Gloria Vanderbilt
belt-Mossimo Supply
wooden bracelets-Dean Harris for Target and some brass bracelets
earrings-tiger eye (remix)

2 rights make a left?

Part 2:

Now I was already having a bad day because I forgot to bring clothes to my business trip (see previous post) but to make it even better, I brought 2 different pairs of athletic wear (thinking it was a pair) but brought only the right side of the shoes...ugh@!!@#$

So now, I have no clothes, I can't work out because I brought two different pairs of shoes and that day I got a speeding ticket because I was running late for an appointment...ohhh...did I mention the Ventura County fires was going on and I had to sit in traffic for 3 hours just to get through the area because of closed roads?????

Since I was already feeling gross about wearing the LBD a 3rd time, I had to stop at a local GoodWill to find a skirt, so even though this skirt is a size bigger than what I would normally buy, it was the closest thing that was nice enough to wear as my business attire. The belt did help me hold up the skirt :)

Blouse-Isaac Mizrahi for Target (remix)
shoes-Fioni (remix)
skirt-Ann Taylor Loft
belt-Mossimo Supply (remix)
Sneakers- Nike Plus Bowman series & Original Nike Plus


I was flipping through the pages of Glamour magazine and ran into this article about this lady Sheena Matheiken at who wears a LBD everyday for a year. She owns 7 of the exact same dress, but for the most part its the same dress that she has to creatively figure out different ways to wear it.

I was inspired and decided to do something similar, but for me it went all wrong. I had to go on a business trip so I took this black sheath dress and wore a red blouse the day of my trip. Well guess what...I forgot to pack my clothes and all I had were the clothes on my back. You have no idea how I was scrambling to find something. When I realized I didn't bring clothes I went to Ross and bought this grey shirt and these hot pink shoes. Boy was I frazzled.

Emergency outfit:

shoes-Jonathan Martin
shirt-Vintage DCC Missy
Dress-Tommy Bahama
Belt-Mossimo (remix)

Original outfit:

Shoes-Xhilaration (remix)
Belt-Calvin Klein (remix)
dress-Tommy Bahama (remix)
shirt-NormaKamali (remix)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the colors of society

I wore a red necklace instead of the purple seen on the last picture, but everything else was the same. Every time I see this color combo it reminds me of the red hat society.

Shoes-Fioni (remix)
earrings-amethyst (remix)
necklace-Coral (remix)
cashmere tank-Isaac Mizrahi for Target
cotton jacket-Luii
jeans-NY&Co (remix)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

black on purpose

I will be giving these shoes away to goodwill, these are the most uncomfortable flats I've ever owned. Can we say blisters???? Ugh! Besides I'm not creative enough to figure out what to wear with these flats, all I could think of this morning was black.

I don't carry a purse because I already carry two work bags (Swiss Army laptop bag & Christian Audigier tote bag both in black) I use them for my computer and files, so its rare I'm able to carry a normal bag. Today I was invited to a seminar so I needed a purse to carry my of my many wonderful purses I own finally saw daylight :)

flats-linea Paolo