Monday, August 30, 2010

Boy did my life change!

I got a promotion, I've been traveling every week and next thing I knew... Bang! summer is almost over.
I will post again, so stay tuned.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Missing in Action

Sorry I haven't been around, been traveling like a crazy sales person and started to take industry courses/classes. I have also been doing events and have a race this weekend. I'll be back soon...promise!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Challenge--Giveaway Entry #2 Please Vote

The small fabric of my life gave me an what do you think? close enough? please put in the comments if you think:

* Almost an exact won!--No need to send a giftcard
* You did an OK job--she gets at least a $5.00 giftcard
* Nope not close enough--she gets the full $10.00 gift card ($10 per entry)

If you want to check out the rules go to The Challenge Giveaway

I'm going to be traveling a be patient with me...but I will respond :)

Skirt--Banana Republic (remix)
shirt--Banana Republic (remix)
belt--Calvin Klein (remix)
tights--Merona Collection
boots--Sporto' (remix)
Beetles pic--downloaded off the internet

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've been dying to wear this jacket and this skirt for a very long time and decided today was the day I was going to wear both. I went out to dinner with my in-laws...I had a really great time, mainly because I really enjoy their company a lot. I'm very lucky to have great in-laws.

Jacket--Calvin Klein
shirt--White House/Black Market (remix)

Went to go eat Chinese food in China town for dinner. Didn't take the full week of photo's because honestly I wore the same thing but in different colors...(red, blue) wanted to pack light, so I did my travel wardrobe capsule.

Tunics--Red, Blue, Purple, Teal---Pink Rose
Grey pumps--Joey
brown/peach dress--Ann Taylor
leggings--Mossimo & Old Navy
both Grey and Brown leather jackets--Chadwicks

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Farm Girl Friday

My boss thought I looked like a biker (huh?) not the look I was going for, but it was Friday, so I was happy to having a nice weekend.

PS~Please vote on my previous post. Thanks!

Dress--Banana Republic
Jacket--Old Navy (remix)
Shoes--Xileration (remix)

The Challenge-Giveaway--Entry #1-Please Vote!

For my first year anniversary on this blog I did a Challenge--Giveaway if you want to participate send me an e-mail reb562 at yahoo dot com.

Rose from Sneakers to Stilettos gave me two entries....sorry for the delay Rose...I've been traveling and tomorrow I'm off to San Jose for a week...this is what happens when you are a traveling sales person.

So these are her two entries and this is what I had in my closet. Close enough? let me know what you think....

Entry #1A
Dress--Calvin Klein (remix)
tank--Chadwicks (remix)
sweater--Mossimo (remix)
shoes--Go to Print (remix)

Entry # 1B
Dress--Pink Roseblack
 shirt--Banana Republic (remix)
sweater--Merona (remix)
Shoes--Johnathan Martin (remix)
Belt--Xileration (remix)