Monday, March 22, 2010

The Challenge--Giveaway Entry #2 Please Vote

The small fabric of my life gave me an what do you think? close enough? please put in the comments if you think:

* Almost an exact won!--No need to send a giftcard
* You did an OK job--she gets at least a $5.00 giftcard
* Nope not close enough--she gets the full $10.00 gift card ($10 per entry)

If you want to check out the rules go to The Challenge Giveaway

I'm going to be traveling a be patient with me...but I will respond :)

Skirt--Banana Republic (remix)
shirt--Banana Republic (remix)
belt--Calvin Klein (remix)
tights--Merona Collection
boots--Sporto' (remix)
Beetles pic--downloaded off the internet


  1. You are awesome at this challenge! I would def. say almost an exact match!

  2. almost an exact match - good job!!

  3. OMG you are identical TWINS!

  4. Yep, assuming the Fab Four are not just pinned to your T-shirt, that's an amazing match :)

  5. I am amazed - that is such an amazing match. How do you do this?

  6. matched! all from your existing clothes? you must have ESP!

  7. Love it!
    take a peek at my blog, become a follower


  8. Almost an exact won!
    I'm impressed!

  9. Die geringe Stoff meines Lebens gab mir einen Eintrag ... so was denken Sie? nahe genug? bitte in den Kommentaren zu setzen, wenn Sie denken,


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