Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You've Got Mail

I'm on my blackberry all the time--I heart my blackberry very much. I have a trade show tomorrow, so I kept getting e-mail after e-mail because I haven't received the items I needed to display yet for tomorrow, so I ended up taking a picture with my blackberry at work...Luckily the items arrived later that day, but I need to put in some late hours tonight to make sure I have everything that I need for the show.

I don't usually carry purses with me since I normally carry a laptop bag but I thought this purse would look great with this outfit so I took it out of its dust bag. Plus my hubby bought me some Nike+ Air running shoes since my other ones were falling apart, I hope I get better soon (still have a cough) because I want to really break them in.

pants--NY&CO (remix)
silk ruffle tank--Old Navy (remix)
white jacket--Old Navy (remix)
shoes--Avon (remix)
purse--Louis Vuitton


  1. Fab Look.. and I am lovin the Louie!

  2. Fun purse - it will go with everything!

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