Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first capsule collection

Thank you The small fabric of my life for starting up this challenge. This is my first capsule and it made me realize a few things:

1) I noticed none of my items that I picked are designer, which leads me to believe that I don't have to spend a lot of money to have a week's worth of clothes.
2) This will cut down on the amount of items I pack when I travel for a business trip.
3) Its seems all the items I own are work outfits.
4) I have a lot of black...LOL

I have few trips coming up that I will be gone for a whole week, I'm very excited to see how well this works out. The weather report says its going to be 56-65 degrees which in So. Cal its on the cold side, plus its going to rain on Thursday and possibly Wednesday, so wish me luck I'll be warm enough.

So here is my capsule collection:

1. jacket--Old Navy (remix)
2. pink long sleeve shirt--Banana Republic (remix)
3. black striped long sleeve shirt--The Limited
4. black sheath dress--Tommy Bahama (remix)
5. green wrap sweater--Mossimo (remix)
6. checker vest--Merona (remix)
7. gray pants--Ann Taylor (remix)
8. black pinstripe pants-- Banana Republic (remix)
9. black booties--BCBG Paris (remix)
10. black Mary Jane pumps--Xileration (remix)

1. black onyx earrings (remix)
2. fresh water pearl necklace (remix)
3. black patent belt--Calvin Klein (remix)
4. faux snake skin belt--Mossimo (remix)
5. black/gray scarf--purchased at Loehman's

same look different color

I think this is a better version of what I was trying to do a couple of days ago. See here for the original look.

let me know if you want to participate in my challenge-giveaway.

Shirt--Banana Republic
Sweater--Merona (remix)
skirt-Alani (remix)
shoes--Mossimo (remix)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm doing a giveaway Challange

Please see my previous post for my giveaway challange If I can't copy your look then I will give you a $10 gift card to any store of your choice.

This photo was taken at my parents house, because it was raining I thought this look was perfect because of the layers, I was so warm and I appreciated the inspiration from Fab Finds under $50

Shirt--Norma Kamali (remix)
t-shirt-Mossimo (remix)
Jeans--Gap (remix)
shoes--Nine West (remix)
vest--Utility (remix)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The challenge--Giveaway

Next week is the wardrobe capsule challenge (I still need to send over my items) but after that I'm doing a giveaway challenge.

I want bloggers to send me pictures of outfits I can copy, if I can't do it or won't do it I'll be happy to give you a $10 gift card to pretty much any store (as long as the store has a location in So. California) I would probably want to create rules like:

1) I can only use items that are in my closet ***NO SHOPPING***
2) they literally have to look similar (see above picture)
3) it must be an outfit you have already or will blog (in other words you must have worn it all day or night)
4) you must be a follower
5) you must leave me a post to let me know your participating, so I may look out for your e-mail. you want to challenge me and get a chance to win a gift card? two entries max. I'll send you a confirmation that I got your e-mail, if you do not get a response from me right away, I'm probably traveling or I just plain didn't get it, but you will get a confirmation.

my e-mail address is reb562 at yahoo dot com

Pants--Calvin Klein (remix)
shirt--Isaac Mizrahi for Target
sweater--Merona (remix)
shoes--Apostrophe (remix)
Cami--Chadwicks (remix)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

to much?

I think my version of this outfit looks very busy, to much going on, I think? thoughts? I needed an excuse to wear the skirt and shoes, and instead of the belt I wore a necklace. I guess simple is better? or maybe I should accept my choice and be confident about it!

suede skirt--Alani
shoes-- Steve Madden Luxe
blouse--Banana republic (remix)
sweater--Merona (remix)

I'm always intrigued that I have enough clothes in my closet that I can try to re-create someone's look...I'm want to keep going and see how far I can take this.

Happy Blogging.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank you Lesa's Library!!

I recently won a $10 gift certificate from Barnes and Nobel from Lesa's Library she is always doing giveaways and gives a bunch of book reviews. I'm a huge reader, I read everything from politics to religion to self help book get the picture.

Also Thank you Fashion after Forty for telling me about Kindle for your PC, because so far I've downloaded 12 books and I already started Jane Austen's Persuasion.

Obviously these 3 books didn't cost me $10 but because I am a shopper I ended up with 3 books (more if they had them in stock) but 3 on this go around.

Hot Mama by Karen Salmansohn --no I'm not pregnant yet (yet being the keyword) my husband and I talk about it all the time, so I thought that this book would encourage me to feel like a babe even if I was pregnant...seems like a easy and quick read, but thought it was interesting.

The Go-Getter Girl's Guide by Debra Shigley this book basically sums up my life or the life I want to lead, but I don't know if this book is any good however it looks fun and a quick read.

The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger I'm a HUGE talk radio/news person. My current news station has her on from 12pm-4pm and I recently started listening to her and I really do like her A LOT!!! so I decided to pick up one of her books. My marriage is not in trouble, but being a self-help guru I always want to learn better ways to take care of my man; besides I figured it wouldn't hurt!

So thank you again Lesa's Library for my giveaway gift, I do appreciate it!

Becky week

Keeping up with my inspiration week, this week we have Becky from Gilding the Frilly I love her killer shoes and even though I do own similar color heels, I felt this skirt was to short that I needed to convert to flats in order to not make the skirt any shorter.

My favorite part of this outfit is the color combo...turquoise, camel, yellow and who would have thought--talk about a match made in heaven.

Shoes--Christian Siriano for payless (remix)
sweater--Merona (remix)
skirt--Banana Republic (remix)

check out Gilding the Frilly for her labels.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Dress

I plan to re-do this post again next time I see my parents because one of the reason why I purchased this particular blue dress is because it literally looks like a dress I wore in JR. High School.

My sister is 10 years my senior and I was given all her hand me downs. I wanted to go to a school dance and my mom gave me one of my sister's dresses to wear. I hated it because it looked like a kid trying to play dress up, but since we grew up with no money it was that dress or not go at all.

When I saw this dress at the store I had to have it, it brought me back to memory lane and right before I went to my High School reunion last night, I stopped by my mom's house to show her and she said the exact the same..."didn't you wear that dress in Jr. High?"....

I asked her to try to find the picture so I can add it to my post. So hopefully next time I stop by she will have it ready for me :)

Silk Dress--Banana Republic
Shoes--BCBG paris

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jacket instead of Sweater

Sweaters and I really don't get along very well, I wish the sweaters draped on me as lovely as Fab Finds Under $50, but jackets are more my friends.

Tomorrow I have a wedding reception and my high school reunion, so there are a few outfits I have in mind. Hopefully the rain storm that the weather man is predicting isn't going to spoil my choices.

pants--Calvin Klein (remix)
Shoes--Calvin Klein (remix)
Shirt--Old Navy (remix)
vest--Jones New York
Velvet Jacket--Gap (remix)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Chair

I wanted to show you the chair I had re-done for my husband for Valentine's Day. This was his great grandmother's chair and sadly it was broken and taking up space in the garage, now its in the living room matching the rest of my furniture :)

Another Kimberly inspired look....

jacket--Calvin Klein
shoes & Belt--Calvin Klein (remix)
shirt--Banana Republic (remix)
pants--Ann Taylor (remix)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kimberly week

I decided that instead of getting my inspiration from magazines or TV, I'm going to get my inspiration or duplicate look from other bloggers. This week I am calling it Kimberly week from Fab Finds Under $50 we have similar items and thought it would be neat to be Kimberly for a week :)

Don't worry, If I follow your blog you might be next weeks blogger inspiration ;) just let me know if you do not want me to use your photos, and I'll be happy to ask some other blogger for inspirational help.

I also plan to participate in The small Fabric of my life wardrobe capsule during March 1st, if any of you have seen my closet ---> check the label 'closet' for a quick peak, you'll know this will probably be a tough challenge for me, but since it will all be work related, I might be able to pull it off. Let's just hope the weather doesn't change on me like it did today...from 65 degrees to a hot 85 today.

I traveled to Sacramento yesterday and arrived this morning, so I have posted two pictures. I did forget my stockings for the red dress and felt kind of 'neckid' but overall I didn't think I did to bad. More to come....

Dress-Banana Republic (remix)
Vest--Utility (remix)
Shoes--BCBG paris

Jacket--Mossimo (remix)
Belt--Mossimo (remix)
pants--NY&Co (remix)
shoes--BCBG paris (remix)

Check out Fab Finds Under $50 for her labels...Thanks!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

InStyle 07' Guide

I'm loving the year 2007, it seems that these classics never go out of style and I feel very modern considering the InStyle Guide was issued 3 years ago. Oh how I love my inspiration.

Sweater Coat--Banana Republic (remix)
Tank Top--Banana Republic
Cropped Jeans--Rider (remix)
Boots--Cobbler (remix)
Necklace-Semi Precious gemstones

Friday, February 12, 2010

cropped jeans

Until I saw this picture of InStyle 07' Guide it had never occurred to me that cropped jeans can look sophisticated. I do plan to do this look again with the tie blouse and peep-toe heels, but I've been wanting to wear this blouse for a long time and thought this was the perfect way to dress it up.

I'm telling you, I really do think I dress better with some sort of inspiration.

Jacket--Isaac Mizrahi for Target (Remix)
jeans--Gloria Vanderbilt
shoes--Forever 21

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I do better with inspiration

Sadly, I think I dress better when I copy a look (or do an outfit inspired look) then try to do it on my own. This look came from the page of InStyle 07' guide, I found this book the other day and started going through it again and thought this look would be a good look today.

Plus since it wasn't raining anymore I needed an excuse to wear my leather jacket my husband bought for me for my birthday. I do wish I owned the lime green vest, but I was happy with what I owned.

Blouse--Banana Republic
Sweater--Banana Republic
Skirt--Ann Taylor (remix)
Shoes--Nine West (remix)
jewelry--Gold Earrings and Necklace

Someone asked me if I can start doing the details on my outfits, I'll try to play around with the software, but overall, its really because the lack of time I have. I will try and make more of an effort. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comments on my blog.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mental Note: take picture in the morning

I haven't had the time to take a picture in the morning, so by the time I get to it, its around 7pm or so. My husband is so sweet, he says I look beautiful at 7pm as I do when I first wake up. Got a love a man that thinks your pretty no matter what.

Dress Suit--Calvin Klein
Shoes--Confort by Moda Comoda (remix)
Italian Sterling Silver Chain--Gift from mom