Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Dress

I plan to re-do this post again next time I see my parents because one of the reason why I purchased this particular blue dress is because it literally looks like a dress I wore in JR. High School.

My sister is 10 years my senior and I was given all her hand me downs. I wanted to go to a school dance and my mom gave me one of my sister's dresses to wear. I hated it because it looked like a kid trying to play dress up, but since we grew up with no money it was that dress or not go at all.

When I saw this dress at the store I had to have it, it brought me back to memory lane and right before I went to my High School reunion last night, I stopped by my mom's house to show her and she said the exact the same..."didn't you wear that dress in Jr. High?"....

I asked her to try to find the picture so I can add it to my post. So hopefully next time I stop by she will have it ready for me :)

Silk Dress--Banana Republic
Shoes--BCBG paris


  1. Gorgeous! The dress is such a great shape and colour on you.

  2. j adore la couleur de ta robe,le jade et le cobalt sur les vetements et je fonds ;O)


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