Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kimberly week

I decided that instead of getting my inspiration from magazines or TV, I'm going to get my inspiration or duplicate look from other bloggers. This week I am calling it Kimberly week from Fab Finds Under $50 we have similar items and thought it would be neat to be Kimberly for a week :)

Don't worry, If I follow your blog you might be next weeks blogger inspiration ;) just let me know if you do not want me to use your photos, and I'll be happy to ask some other blogger for inspirational help.

I also plan to participate in The small Fabric of my life wardrobe capsule during March 1st, if any of you have seen my closet ---> check the label 'closet' for a quick peak, you'll know this will probably be a tough challenge for me, but since it will all be work related, I might be able to pull it off. Let's just hope the weather doesn't change on me like it did today...from 65 degrees to a hot 85 today.

I traveled to Sacramento yesterday and arrived this morning, so I have posted two pictures. I did forget my stockings for the red dress and felt kind of 'neckid' but overall I didn't think I did to bad. More to come....

Dress-Banana Republic (remix)
Vest--Utility (remix)
Shoes--BCBG paris

Jacket--Mossimo (remix)
Belt--Mossimo (remix)
pants--NY&Co (remix)
shoes--BCBG paris (remix)

Check out Fab Finds Under $50 for her labels...Thanks!


  1. I love outfit no. 3! totally into belts right now :)

  2. Great inspiration. I actually have given up on celebs style because I see them in their everyday gear of long dresses and bedazzled crap that really isn't that flattering.

  3. Great idea! She has great style and so do you. I love both looks!

  4. Oh wow, those are some retro looks of mine! Ha! You did a great job with your takes on the outfits and I'm flattered!

  5. Kimberly is definietly a great source of inspiration.

    I have that same tweed jacket. It looks great on you.


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