Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Part 2

I still needed to see my family for my birthday, so we went to a Thai Restaurant and had some cake. So do you think I look more like my mom or dad? lol

Had another great day...Happy Birthday to me...ha ha ha ha

Wedges--Gap (remix)
pants-NY&Co (remix)
shirt--Old Navy (remix)
cotton T-Shirt-Merona (remix)
Earring 1--Amber *gift from hubby
Earring2-Gold hoops * gift from sister

Happy Birthday to me!

My camera finally came in and just in time for my birthday, I am very happy it did. I took so many pictures because my husband had surprise after surprise for me. Not only did he surprise me with a flower, balloon and champagne at the table but the chef came out to Thank us personally with my birthday cake. Did I mention that my original play bill was replaced with one similar but had our picture in it with a inscription.

I think I might wear this dress more often...because I've worn this dress once before and something special always seems to happen.

I do have to admit my husband was amazing yesterday. Everything I asked, everything I wanted was given to questions asked...very lovely...very.

Dress-Suzi Chin for Maggie's Boutique
Shoes--Anne Michelle
Cashmere Wrap--Nordstroms
Sterling Silver Necklace--Gift from a friend
Turkish Diamond/Enamel Ring--Gift from Mother-in-law


Suit--Ermenegildo Zegna

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dusting off my old camera

My husband hasn't had the time to go get me another camera...but I decided to use the old one. Not great pictures, but at least it gives me something to post.

Jacket--Isacc Mizrahi for Target (remix)
pants--Gap (remix)
shirt-Merona (remix)
flats-Xhilaration (remix)

The camera is a little off, but I'm wearing the same colors....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I lost my camera....ugh!!!

This photo came from my camera phone.....sadly after going to the Arizona Cardinals playoff game Sunday (BEST GAME EVER!!!!) due to overtime we missed our flight and on the way, left the camera somewhere between the stadium and the airport. UGH!!!

Been out of town because of business travel, but wanted to share a blog with you that I came across that will help all Road Warriorette's

I will probably start posting again next Monday...I'm just happy to be back home after 2 weeks of traveling :)