Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still a little sick

Thank you so much for the Get Well wishes, the truth is I'm still sick and have been living on Thermaflu for the past 3 days. You would never know it by the pictures but today is the first day I'm feeling much better.

I went to go see clients plus attend a business dinner last night, in which the topic was about the economy. They claim its been stable with a rise of 3% growth, not sure how much I believe that--especially when I have friends that can't find a job, but let's just hope.

Dress-Banana Republic
jacket--Calvin Klein (remix)
shoes--Ralph Lauren (remix)
belt---Calvin Klein (remix)


  1. This is my one of my favorite outfits of yours ever! That dress is so pretty! The pattern and color are perfect

  2. I would have to agree with you on the economy. Im not sure its doing much better either (I too have a few friends still out of work).

    But this look on you is really nice. Its a perfect inspiration from Kim. Great job! .. and feel better, ok? okay.

  3. You look great love the colour just what we need in this economic climate. We may not be in the clear yet but I am optimistic that things are set to change.

  4. I LOVE that dress on you. The colors, the fit, it looks great!!

  5. That dress is bangin'!! I love the shine, the cut, the color, and it really looks great on you!

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